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Visit Osage County Agritourism Council is a non-profit group of business owners, educational experts, family farmers and other volunteers meeting monthly in Linn. Osage County is among the first Missouri counties with an organized agritourism effort.

Agritourism can be defined as: Rural destinations designed for enjoyment and education of the general public


Council Mission 

Our mission is to open our doors to showcase Osage County’s unique communities, heritage, agricultural lifestyle and products

The council proposes an on-going intiative that will touch many enterprises and resources in the county. The plan will bring revenue and create familiarity, resulting in return visits from surrounding urban and rural neighbors. Membership information can be found at the bottom of this page.

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The Plan in Brief

The council will explore direct marketing of Osage County agricultural products in the process of promoting Agritourism. TOURS and EVENTS

In addition to traditional institutional and commercial tour stops, the county has over 1,000 farms with 305,000 acres in agricultural production and livestock. The average farm is 266 family acres according to the 1997 U.S. Census of Agriculture. Because agriculture is the main industry in the county, many products are, or can be made, available to consumers directly “from our home to your home.”

The county is home to public parks, historical sites and recreation areas as well. Nine Missouri Conservation Areas cover almost 3,000 acres, many on one or more of the county’s major rivers (Missouri, Osage and Gasconade).

The council will explore cooperative efforts to leverage Osage County’s resources for the benefit of people of the county and visitors.

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Membership Information

The Visit Osage County Agritourism Council welcomes membership from any business or household interested in Osage County. There are two types of membership, Indivual and Business.

Business (enterprise, institution or organization):

  • $75.00 includes link to your website and ad on homepage

Individual (any person or household):

  • $30.00

Sponsor (any individual or business):

  • County banks and utilities typically donate money, time or services to the organization, according to their own measure of value. The council welcomes all such votes of confidence in our mission.

Further Information

Membership is on a calendar-year basis, January 1 through December 31.

What are benefits to you if you become a member? Click here to find out! 

If you would like to become a member or sponsor, Click here to download the membership form, print it, fill it out and mail it to P.O. Box 15, Linn, MO, 65051. Please include your check, made payable to the Osage County Agritourism Council.

Visit Osage County Membership Form 
This is a PDF file you can fill out on your
computer, SAVE, and then either:

1. Print and mail (You can also print the blank form, fill it out
and then mail it with your check)

2. Send back to us via email and send your check in the mail
or stop by the Extension Office in Linn

Click here for a list of current business members.