Where is Osage County?


Osage County is just east of Missouri’s state capital, Jefferson City, along U.S. Highway 50, nestled between the Osage and Missouri Rivers. 

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Click here for Satellite Map and Driving Directions 

The Osage County Agritourism Council is beginning to build day-trip maps for your use. They will be associated with interactive maps linked from here and also maps accessible through your phone — on the go! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for an update on the project.

Find out more about places to go in Osage County Visit Osage County Calendar page.

CONSULT THE MAP below to try your own scenic routes throughout the county,
OR right click/control click and “save as” to save this map to your device and share or print.

Click here to download a higher resolution map at 8.5 x 11 inches. 


Area Interactive Map Project 

Current Project:
The council is working to develop self-guided driving tours describing day-trip loops around the county. The first paper map was produced November 2016 and is available throughout the northeast corner of the county — Scenic Driving Tour, Northeast Loop.

Concurrently, the council is working with 4-H youth to populate an on-line map you will be able to reference on your phone or other mobile device.

As we develop the project and get feedback on this completed tour, we will develop more routes within the county for people to enjoy surprising hidden treasures — off the beaten path, but just around the corner!

You will find paper maps along the northeast loop route. You may also pick one up at the Extension office in Linn.