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Dear Individuals and Businesses of Osage County

Since the new Visit Osage County website was published onto the World Wide Web in mid October 2012, it has attracted over 100,500 unique visitors! That speaks well for the website itself, but mostly for what makes Osage County what it is – you!

During the organization’s membership drive for 2017, we ask you to join us in our effort to open our doors to showcase Osage County’s unique communities, heritage, agricultural lifestyle and products.

Take a look at what the council is doing for Osage County:

  • Taste of Osage County, last Saturday in June every year at Linn City Park, is bringing more and more people here to sample what we do and make. That brings money to many businesses as people drive through, and also raises profile of agricultural producers, especially at the event.
  • Bus tours in the county, both “Be-a-Tourist-in-Your-Own-County” and tours the council solicits and arranges from outside the county, equal a significant amount of money to churches and businesses.
  • The council has completed the first Scenic Driving Tour map of northeastern Osage County, and plans to extend the project to all areas and communities. Your help will be needed to make it happen. We will form two more working groups, one for western communities and one for southern communities, to gather information for at least two more driving tour maps to complete the project.
  • The council is partnering with other organizations, especially Missouri Humanities Council, German Heritage Corridor, and Meramec Regional Planning Commission, Naturally Meramec, to be part of larger projects with intent to bring people into rural areas – to learn about rural heritage and where their food comes from.

All people of the county working together can create a circle of hospitality to attract visitors to experience the heritage and products provided by the people of Osage County. Please join us!


The Osage County Agritourism Council


Click here to download the membership form 

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